Curb Appeal, Making an Impression


Detailed below are seven simple tips to consider while preparing your Metro Denver home for sale. Your relatively modest time and monetary investments will be reflected in your home’s shorter stint on the market and higher selling price.

1) Power Wash the entire outside of your house, including the windows, garage door, and front door. Although homeowners don’t often assess the cleanliness of their home’s exterior, potential buyers certainly do. You will be amazed by how much more appealing your home looks in photos and marketing materials as well as in real life after a thorough power wash. If you don’t own a power washer call Arapahoe Rental at (303)-798-1328, as they typically stock several models to rent.

2) Paint matters. A fresh coat of paint can make your house stand out and show that it has been maintained. Hiring professionals are well worth the money if your house’s exterior is looking shabby. Maybe the trim simply needs a coat of paint to make the house pop. Painting or refreshing the front door is a must. When selecting paint colors for the front door red, black or navy typically work for Colonials, Tudors, Cape Cods, Craftsmen Bungalows, or Denver Four Squares. Shades of beige or terra cotta work on Mediterranean or Mission style homes and bolder and more daring color selections work for Victorians, Italianates, and Mid-Century Modern homes. Finally, don’t forget to polish the address numbers on your house either; it will help buyers remember the address attached to the house they want!

3) Mow your lawn, trim your hedges and trees, add or replace sod, and tend to any flowers during the warm months. Having a neat lawn with properly trimmed foliage will entice buyers into seeing what the interior of your home has to offer. Selling during winter months entails removing snow from driveways, sidewalks, and entryways. Aside from removing liability issues, it will convey that you care about selling your Metro Denver home.

4) Diplomatically ask your neighbors to mow their lawns or shovel their sidewalks as well, and even offer to do so if necessary. It’s helpful to point out that this is also in their best interest, as a high sales price in a short amount of time will benefit the comparable homes in the neighborhood at large. Buyers are not judging your house alone, but the neighborhood as a whole. If one of your neighbors’ yards looks unkempt judging by neighborhood standards, buyers will flee no matter how pristine your home looks.

5) Have the roof checked. Make sure shingles are intact and in good condition, and get the leaves cleaned out of the gutter. Spring storms along the Front Range infamously cause roof issues. Get the roof repaired, replaced or certified before you put it on the market. A buyer’s home inspector will make note of any concerns as will the buyer’s home appraiser, which can cause issues with the loan. Addressing these types of problems before the home goes on the market will save everyone a considerable amount of stress.

6) Make any little repairs, whether it’s a crack in a brick or wood chipping away, any imperfections in the front of your home need to be taken care of.

7) Put the cherry on top. Add some potted plants with colorful flowers on your front porch during the warm months or dwarf pines in cooler months. Top everything off with a vibrant welcome mat.

Follow these tips and reap the rewards once your house goes to the Denver market. Call Michelle for a personal consultation with additional, personalized instructions for preparing your home to sell at (303) 489-4035.

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